Appropriate Funeral Card Message Ideas

Express condolences and acknowledgement

Funerals are a very difficult time for everybody involved. When somebody we know and cared for passes away, letting go and having only the memories left can be a long-term struggle for acceptance and peace. When you are going to a funeral, you want to be able to hold your head up high and show strength and dignity for those around you, to be a pillar of strength for those at the service who are struggling.

One of the most common things to bring to a funeral is a set of condolence flowers for the departed, to send your final message and respects to them. Within the flowers tends to be a card with a message you want to leave – writing your own message can be difficult as knowing just what to say can be an almost impossible task. When somebody departs this world, knowing what the last thing you would have said is a deeply hurtful thought.

What to write in the card

Nevertheless, there are certain routes that you can go down to make the funeral card easier to write. If you aren’t sure of what to go for then we have a list of examples that are perfect for sending your message across in a humble, respectful manner. Whether it is a close family member or an acquaintance, you want to keep things very formal

So if you are struggling to turn words into ink, here are some suggestions that might help you come up with the appropriate funeral flower card message;

“Our deepest sympathies and love from the NAME family”

This lets you and the family leave a simple, gratifying message of your pain at the loss of a great individual. Not only does his keep things short and sweet but it passes on the message from everybody in the one card. 

“With all the love and fondest memories, I will miss for you forever – NAME”

Again, this is very sweet and simple. If it was somebody you felt quite close to and had a lot of positive memories of then this can be an appropriate homage to the person who has just passed away.

“Always in our thoughts, we know you are watching us from Heaven – Love NAME”

This lets you pass on the deep love and sorrow that you are feeling for this persons exit from this world, and it also allows you to pay your respects in a nice and effective manner.

Of course, there are hundreds of things you could write – you might even want to go for a more personal joke between you both, as long as it stays respectful – but the suggestions above are usually a very succinct way of summing up how you felt about that person without going into anything too long or drawn out.

Funerals, after all, are never easy. This is why working through a sympathy flower selection process with the message in the card in mind can make it that little bit easier – it might be easier to find flowers that match the message you want to pass than the other way about!

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