Flowers for Catholic & Christian Funerals
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The Christian community makes up a large portion of the ethnic cultural diveristy here in Toronto and GTA, and one can easily find a funeral arrangement service that specialize in the Catholic and Christian tradition here.

Choosing funeral flower arrangements for a Catholic and Christian funeral occasion is a fine and delicate task - our designers can bring invaluable advice and tailor to your exact liking. We'll deliver the arrangements to any funeral homes in Toronto & GTA for you, including on Sundays.

All White Funeral Standing Spray
  All White Funeral Standing Spray  Our elegant Tribute standing spray is a grand di..
$235.99 $196.99
Classic Tribute Basket
Approx. 30"W x 29"H Classic Tribute Basket Arrangement of white flowers including lilies, carn..
$165.99 $145.99
Classic White Funeral Arrangements
Approx. 32"H x 40"W Classic White Funeral Arrangements As one of the most recognizable flowers..
$249.99 $229.99
Blazing Funeral Basket
Approximately 30"W x 31"H Blazing Funeral Basket   ..
$149.99 $145.99
Whites and Blues Sympathy Arrangement
Approx. 30"W x 29"H Whites and Blues Sympathy Arrangement ..
$149.99 $145.99
Sympathy Roses Galore
Approximately 20" W x 28" H Sympathy Roses Galore ..
Leaf & Petals Basket
FTD Leaf and Petals Basket - Sympathy Flowers Approx. size 26"W x 39"H ..
$185.99 $165.99
Delicate White Roses Basket
Approximately 18" W x24" H Delicate White Roses Basket With this beautiful and classic&nb..
$119.99 $115.99
Dear Dad Floral Arrangement
Dear Dad Floral Arrangement A beautiful tribute to the most special man in your life - your fathe..
Dear Mum Floral Arrangement
Dear Mum Floral Arrangement A beautiful tribute to the most special woman in your life - your mom..
Joyful Yellows Basket
Joyful Yellows Basket Approx. 27"H x22"W ..
The Faithful Blessings Bouquet
The FTD Faithful Blessings Bouquet ..
Local Sympathy White Flowers
The FTD® Solemn Offering™ Arrangement Approx. 28"H x 16"W Local Sympathy White Flowers E..
Sympathy Mini Roses
Approx. 10"W x 12"H ..
Peaceful Tribute Standing Spray
The FTD Peaceful Tribute Standing Spray. Approx. 30"H x 30"W A classic white floral sympathy s..
$185.99 $165.99
Traditional Victorian Vase Arrangement
The FTD Traditional Victorian Bouquet Approximate Measurements: 38" W x 38" H ..
$198.99 $159.99
Exotic Sympathy Bamboo Cross Flowers
Smaller approx.27″ As shown approx 30″ Deluxe approx.34″ Premium approx. 38″ &nb..
$208.99 $188.99
Sincere Tribute Casket Flowers Spray
Small approx 18″H 22″W As shown approx 18″H 28″W Deluxe approx 18″H 30″W Premiu..
White Casket Spray with Cross
White Casket Spray with Cross Small approx 18″H 28″W As shown approx 18″H 32″W Delu..
$209.99 $189.00
Madonna Statue Floral Arrangement
Approximately 20" W x 30" H Madonna Statue Floral Arrangement ..
Madonna Statue Sympathy Flowers
Approximately 15" W x 24" H Madonna Statue Sympathy Flowers ..
Delicate White Roses Basket
Approximately 18" W x24" H Delicate White Roses Basket With this beautiful and classic&nb..
$119.99 $115.99
Red Roses Arrangement Basket
Approximately 18" W x24" H Red Roses Arrangement Basket Delivery today to a funeral home or re..
$135.99 $115.99
Splendid Red Rose Arrangement
Approximately 35"H x 40"W Splendid Red Rose Arrangement ..
Madonna Sympathy Floral Arrangement
Approximately 18" W x 26" H Madonna Sympathy Floral Arrangement ..
Red and White Perfection Basket
Approx. size 26"W x 31"H Red and White Perfection Basket ..
$145.95 $125.99
Peaceful Pink Casket Spray
Peaceful Pink Casket Spray Small approx 26″H 28″W As shown approx 32″H 32″W Deluxe ..
Square Shaped Funaral Wreath
Small approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″  ..
Blessings of the Flowers
FTD Blessings of the Earth Arrangement Approximately 39"H x 29"W ..
$298.99 $294.99
Eternity Tribute Arrangement
The FTD® Eternity Arrangement Approx. 25"H x 17.5"W ..
White Waterfall
Approx. 22"W x 36"H White Waterfall ..
Morning Stars
Approx. 38"H x 22"W Morning Stars This arrangement allows you to express your sympathy and tho..

Christians in Canada - Funeral Arrangement Traditions & Flowers of Choice

It’s never a great time to have to put together and manage a funeral. After someone important has passed away people typically send funeral flowers or have a flower arrangement put together for the funeral ceremony. The reason behind having a flower arrangement is to celebrate the life of the deceased and add a positive aspect to the otherwise devastating event.

Christians in Canada typically choose simple and basic flower arrangements for their deceased loved ones. While Christians usually accept any type of flower for their funeral, there are a few typical flowers that tend to make up the majority of the arrangements.

White Flowers and Their Significance

The flower arrangements that are usually picked for funerals are composed of white flowers that represent peace, serenity, purity, and honesty. White flowers that are chosen are roses and lilies as they represent the most accurate feelings that people are trying to convey about their loved ones.

As white roses are the ultimate symbol of purity and innocence they are a favorite among people looking for the ideal Roman Catholic and Christian funeral flower. The beauty of the flower represents peace and tranquility and are a symbol of spiritual love and respect. The white rose is of great importance to Christians and it’s rare to attend a funeral where white roses are not seen.

Lilies are also a common choice when it comes to Christian and Roman Catholic funerals. Lilies are also interpreted as a symbol of innocence and signify the soul of the deceased being restored and having departed the physical body. Lilies symbolize sympathy, majesty, and purity and are yet another favorite among those looking for floral arrangements for Christian funerals.

A variety of other white flowers, such as larkspur and astroemaria are also used quite often. There are plenty of arrangements that can be chosen from and the majority of florists can meet even the most specific requirements.

Christian Catholic Funeral Ceremony – An Overview

The way a Christian or Roman Catholic funeral works is a fairly simple and straightforward process. It starts with the family and close friends meeting together at a church or other religious venue. The deceased is discussed and celebrated and there is a lot of praying and crying that occurs. A priest or other religious figure will then perform a prayer ceremony that relates to the passing of the deceased from the physical plane to the spiritual one.

The funeral group will then travel to the cemetery where another religious ceremony is completed and the casket is then lowered into the grave. Afterwards the immediate family and close friends will gather at the home of the deceased or another applicable location and have another celebration. While not a happy situation to be in, the deceased will appreciate the fact that their life is being celebrated.

If you’re looking for funeral flowers in Toronto there are a variety of options available to you, and we have worked with most of them over the years before.  If you’re interested in a funeral home that caters to the needs of Christians in Toronto here are the locations available that can meet your funeral requirements and provide help throughout the entire process.

DeMarco Funeral Home, located at 3725 Keele St, and RS Kane Funeral Home in Thornhill are one of our most popular destinations to send funeral flowers to. A. Roy Miller Funeral Chapel (1695 Clair St West) is another funeral home that we work with. The good people at Affordable Burials And Cremations (733 Mount Pleasant Rd) also are the destination of choice for many. We’ve also worked with Washington & Johnson Funeral Home (717 Queen East) and Scott Funeral Home (1237 Weston Rd), and can guarantee a smooth delivery process for you.

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