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For funeral services, flowers on stand wreaths are one of the most common shapes. The circle shape has been the symbol for eternity among other things. A wreath is a circle of flowers or greenery. It may be accompanied by a simple message on a ribbon or banners. Some of the more common messages are “Sympathy”, “comfort” and “In Remembrance”.

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To Honour One's Country Funeral Wreath
The FTD To Honour One's Country Wreath S31-3548 Small approx.18″ As shown approx 20″ Deluxe..
Vibrant Sympathy Wreath
The FTD Vibrant Sympathy Wreath. Small approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ ..
White Wreath Of Remembrance
Small approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″  ..
Wreath of Remembrance
Small approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″  ..
Yellow Sun Sympathy Wreath
Small approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″  ..

Flowers on Stand - Wreaths

Often funeral wreaths are white flowers, but they don't have to be. Some of the common arrangements are described here.  An open wreath made of Asiatic lilies, carnations, oregonia, salal and dusty miller is mostly white. It is available in many sizes, but a sizable wreath might have a two-foot diameter. Typically the center of the wreath will be open with the whole arrangement places on a easel like free standing frame. This grouping of white flowers is a great way to offer consolation for the family of a lost loved one. The white flowers have an ethereal quality. The scent of these flower types is both memorable and soothing.

Another style of open wreath standing spray offers sentiments of sympathy in a memorable way. The roses, cushion poms, carnations and Monte Casino blooms are on a wire easel. As with many of the wreaths, a ribbon bow finishes off the design.

A variation of a white wreath is made of white mums, snapdragons, carnations and Monte Casino blooms. The memorial wreath conveys remembrance and sympathy in an elegant way. The diameter can vary according to the desires of the sender. The flowers might also be selected according to the colors and types of flowers that are available.

Another popular wreath color is lavender. The paler colors seem to be chosen, regardless of the gender of the deceased. The Serene Blessings Standing Wreath – Lavender is an example of an arrangement that smells sweet and fragrant and has the touch of color that is so attractive. The wreath is formed of lavender and white flowers such as cremones, roses, carnations, liatris and others. It might be accented by seeded eucalyptus or salal. The wreath symbolizes love and respect for a joyous life.

We can arrange for the wreath to be sent directly to the funeral home. The flowers are the freshest flowers available, so there may be a variety of blooms used as well as a variety of colors. If you are picking the colors, choose those that are favorites of the family members or of the deceased. It will be more of a comfort that way. A person who loved red roses might be best memorialized with a wreath that incorporates that type and color of flower.

Flowers that are long lasting are the best choice. Sometimes arrangements can last for several days or even weeks. Florists typically build the wreaths on a base. It can be wire or foam. In addition to flowers, there may be greenery or a ribbon. Sometimes the ribbons carry a word or two of comfort or sympathy. They are intended to be placed on a sturdy free-standing frame near the casket or memorial photograph.

You can work with the florist to customize the basic wreath design to incorporate touches that will make the wreath more meaningful to the family members or to pay special tributed to the deceased loved one. A wreath that is attractive and tasteful will be a special message of sympathy and comfort. Choose a size and color theme and the florist will work with that information to create a unique wreath design for the services. We are here to help you at all times.  Contact us so that we can guide you through the process of choosing the right arrangements and casket flowers here in the Toronto/GTA area. 

Our florists create personalized designs and we have some of the most affordable arrangements available in addition.  We deliver on both Saturday and Sunday to accommodate even the most last-minute arrangements.  We specialize in rush-delivery and can have an order ready in 2 hours or less for delivery to any funeral home in the area.  We are also a proud member of FTD, Teleflora and 1800Flowers and are proud to be your local florist.  Call us today at 416-356-7478. 

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