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Ideas on color selection for Funeral Flowers.  Expressing sympathy to the loved ones of the deceased is best shown in the flowers you send. Sending flowers actually serves as an expression of your love, respect and admiration for the deceased. Flowers impart beauty and warmth for the service. Through the selection of flowers in various colors which have traditional meanings or customizing floral tributes for honoring the personality of the deceased, a meaningful sympathy floral arrangement can be created.

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 Most Memorable Tribute
Approx. 26"W x 31"H Most Memorable Tribute This arrangement can show sympathy and your thought..
$140.99 $120.99
 Radiant Cross Funeral Flowers
Smaller approx.27″ As shown approx 30″ Deluxe approx.34″ Premium approx. 38″ ..
$198.99 $185.99
 Roses and More Funeral Wreath
Roses and More Funeral Wreath This classical wreath always lives up to it's name! A beautiful sel..
$194.99 $174.98
"A Piece of My Heart" Standing Spray
Approx. 50" W x 30" H   ..
$99.99 $95.99
"Gentle Touch Into Eternity" Casket Flower Spray
The FTD Gently into the Ever-after Casket Spray Small approx 25″H 25″W As shown approx 25″H 30..
$245.99 $229.99
"Immortal Tribute" Casket Flowers
"Immortal Tribute" Casket Flowers Small approx 18″H 28″W As shown approx 18″H 32″W Deluxe a..
$230.99 $215.99
"Joyous Life" Floral Wreath Arrangements
  Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″ ..
"Just Perfect" Heart Wreath
Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″  ..
$260.99 $185.99
"Just Pink and White" Funeral Spray
Approximately 26"W x 31"H "Just Pink and White" Funeral Spray     ..
$149.99 $145.99
"My Heart is Yours" Flower Wreath
Smaller approx.15″ As shown approx 20″ Deluxe approx 24″ Premium approx. 30″  ..
$175.99 $168.99
"R.S. Kane Tribute" Funeral Flowers
Approximately 26"W x 31"H "R.S. Kane Tribute" Funeral Flowers You can show your heartfelt symp..
"Sympathy Memorial" Flower Spray
Small approx 9″H 32″W As shown approx 9″H 38″W Deluxe approx 12″H 40″W Premium approx.14″H ..
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