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Casket sprays and adornments are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to loved ones. Traditionally a casket spray and adornment is chosen by the closest members of a family such as the children, siblings or spouse. If you are not an immediate family member, it is typically more appropriate to select a different arrangement, such as funeral wreath or standing sprays. Place an order today, and have your casket spray delivered same day to any funeral home or service in Toronto and the GTA.

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Floral Sympathy Rosary
For The Pariot Casket Spray
For The Pariot Casket Spray Small approx 14″H 25″W As shown approx 16″H 30″W Deluxe approx ..
$169.99 $159.99
Funeral Blanket Of Flowers
Approximately 48"L x 28"W. ..
Funeral Casket Flowers Spray Arrangement
Funeral Casket Flowers Spray Arrangement Small approx 12″H 28″W As shown approx 14″H 32″W D..
Funeral White Blanket of Flowers
Approximately 48"L x 17"W ..
Glorious White Casket Funeral Flower Spray
Glorious White Casket Funeral Flower Spray Small approx 20″H 20″W As shown approx 24″H 24″W ..
Golden Funeral Casket
Golden Funeral Casket Small approx 26″H 28″W As shown approx 30″H 32″W Deluxe approx 32″H 3..
Grace Flowers Casket Adornment
  As shown approx: 12" Deluxe approx: 12" upgrade on flowers Premium approx: 18" ..
Heartfelt Casket Adornment
Approx. 10"H x 7"W ..
Heavenly Scented Casket Funeral Flowers
Heavenly Scented Casket Funeral Flowers  Small approx 14″H 25″W As shown approx 15″H 28″W..
Humble Rose Casket Funeral Flowers
Humble Rose Casket Funeral Flower  Express your deepest sympathies by sending this luxurious..
Illuminated Funeral Casket Flowers Spray
Illuminated Funeral Casket Flowers Spray Small approx 22″H 28″W As shown approx 26″H 30″W D..

The Purpose Of Casket Flowers & Sending Loving Flower Arrangements At The Death Of A Loved One

Sending flowers to a funeral is one of the most respectful things you can do for family, loved ones and friends.  Flowers are beautiful and make for a lovely present.  Flowers convey respect, honor and warm wishes to the one who has passed away and to their family.  There are few tokens of endearment as meaningful as a fresh and beautiful arrangements of carefully chosen flowers.  You have already made the right decision if you are going to send casket flowers.  We are here to serve the entire GTA and city of Toronto.  We deliver as far away as Markham & Mississauga.  We are here for you as your local florist. 

Generally speaking, a close family member will have the privilege and responsibility of selecting the casket flowers.  A casket spray is the type of arrangement typically chosen first as it is large and will cover a large portion of the casket cover.  This is most appropriate for the direct family members of the deceased.  The casket spray is typically an arrangement made of live flowers, large in size, and draping the top of the casket.  They are beautiful and show love in ways that few other adornments can.

It is important to know whether it will be an open casket or a closed casket service because this will help determine the size of the casket flowers/casket spray needed.  Typically if it is a closed casket then the flower spray will be larger to cover a larger surface area of the lid of the casket.  Conversely, a smaller casket flower arrangement or spray is used when it is an open casket service.  Contact us and we'll help guide you through the process of selecting the right size for the coming funeral.

Choosing The Colors Of The Casket Flowers

Generally speaking, most people prefer to use the favor colors of the one who has passed away.  This is a sign of respect and honor to the deceased.  Imagine what arrangement would be most beautiful to them and this will give you a good idea of the colors you should use.  If you would like assistance in choosing the right colors then feel free to contact us and we will share with you our experience with funeral flower color selection. 

Customizing Casket Flowers

You may also wish to customize the casket spray or flower arrangements with items representative of the person's life.  This includes creating a theme for all the various flowers.  A simple example of this could be of someone who loved football.  Perhaps their entire life was devoted to coaching football for youngsters in the community.  In this example you may wish to include a football with the flower arrangements/spray.  Something of this nature is a wonderful idea for showing respect and honor.  It would let them know how much you cared about their passions in life.  Doing so can also encourage wonderful memories for others who are viewing at the funeral.  You can take a few moments to write down the most important things in that person's life and see if there is anything that comes up as a theme that you would like to honor in the flowers and adornments.  You can consider also religiously themed flower arrangements as well and make a beautiful addition to the funeral based upon the deceased's cherished beliefs. 

Shapes And Symbols Of Funeral Flowers & Wreathes

Many people love the idea of a wreath of flowers to place beside a casket during a funeral.  Choosing these items, built from live, fresh flowers is a very tasteful adornment at a funeral ceremony.  You will find wreathes, hearts, crosses and other shaped items available as beautiful bouquets.  These other types of flower arrangements often will come from family members and close friends.  They may come from brothers or sisters, sons or daughters, aunts or uncles, or others that are very close with the deceased.  Often these floral arrangements will be found placed on stands next to or beside the casket.  There can be several at any given funeral.  These arrangements will often times carry a sign or placard with the name or the relationship of the family member to the deceased.  These are all beautiful adornments for any funeral.

Non-casket floral sprays may also be ordered by closest family and friends as a loving adornment at the funeral.  They will often come with a special ribbon or bow that a unique a message written on it.  This message is always tastefully written and the words chosen with care. 

These types of casket flowers in general can either be draped over the casket, or placed beside or behind the casket in any direction depending on the arrangement at the funeral home or graveside.  You already know that flowers are the most appropriate adornment for the casket.  Indeed it is best to choose the arrangements that show the most respect to your loved one.  We are here to help you at all times.  Contact us so that we can guide you through the process of choosing the right arrangements and casket flowers here in the Toronto/GTA area.

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