Red Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements
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Red flowers are among the most popular blooms and although typically their color delivers a message associated with romance and love, they also symbolize peace in times of sadness. Red flowers best represent the full life with passion that the deceased once lived. Sending a red bouquet as sympathy flowers says you are sorry for the loss that a friend is experiencing at the moment.

We deliver sympathy flowers to the family and to the funeral home, the family's home and even their offices.  We can deliver to the church, memorial center, cremation center or to the gathering location. If you need delivery services outside our local Toronto & GTA area, please call us at 1-800-747-2439!

Red Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements
Bold Red Roses Heart Wreath
Teleflora Blessed Heart T225-2A Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ ..
$218.99 $198.99
Carnation Casket Funeral Flowers Arrangement
Small approx 15″H 30″W As shown approx 15″H 34″W Deluxe approx 15″H 38″W Premium approx.15″..
$124.99 $115.99
Casket Flower Spray
Casket Flower Spray Small approx 25″H 30″W As shown approx 28″H 32″W Deluxe approx 30″H 38″..
Classic Red Wreath for a Funeral Home
  Classic Red Wreath for a Funeral Home Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Delu..
$199.99 $185.99
Condolence Glory Arrangement
Approx. 39"H x 29"W Condolence Glory Arrangement ..
Dearly Departed Casket Flower Spray
Dearly Departed Casket Flower Spray Small approx 20″H 22″W As shown approx 24″H 28″W Deluxe..
$279.99 $268.99
Deepest Sympathies Standing Spray - Red
Deepest Sympathies Standing Spray - Red Small approx 32″H 28″W As shown approx 42″H 32″W De..
$235.99 $195.99
Deeply Adored Casket Flowers
Deeply Adored Casket Flowers Small approx 18″H 28″W As shown approx 18″H 32″W Deluxe approx..
For The Pariot Casket Spray
For The Pariot Casket Spray Small approx 14″H 25″W As shown approx 16″H 30″W Deluxe approx ..
$169.99 $159.99
Hope and Honour Flower Wreath
Hope and Honour Flower Wreath TF207-2 Small approx.18″ As shown approx 22″ Deluxe approx 24..
$159.99 $99.99
Immaculate Red Rose Casket Funeral Flower Spray
Immaculate Red Rose Casket Funeral Flower Spray Small approx 22″H 36″W As shown approx 28″H 44..
Luxurious Red Roses Flower Casket Spray
Luxurious Red Roses Flower Casket Spray Small approx 28″H 28″W As shown approx 30″H 32″W De..

Extending your Condolences with Red Flowers

If the deceased had a bolder personality, red flowers would be appropriate to symbolize it.  This color may be a nontraditional choice when it comes to sending sympathy flowers; however, the bouquets may be designed with a traditional touch by arranging the red flowers in such a way that they are laid flat and tied with the use of a bow or they can also be placed in standard transparent crystal vases. Other traditional flower arrangements for funeral or memorial services include casket sprays placed elegantly on a casket. Examples of other floral arrangements depicting the traditional nature are blossoms that are created into lovely easel standing sprays or funeral wreaths.

Varieties of Red Flowers Used

Red color symbolizes courage, strength and distinction. It suggests confidence and sophistication. Red flowers also denote wealth and luxury. The rule in arranging red flowers is based on the quantity in which a few red flowers evoke a stronger meaning than when they are arranged in greater quantities. Red flowers include carnation, tulip, hydrangea, and rose.


It is commonly used for sympathy arrangements and symbolizes admiration, deep love, affection or charity depending on its shade.


Tulips represent grace and elegance. Red tulips symbolize perfect love.


Red hydrangeas are produced not only naturally but also artificially depending on the soil composition used for pink hydrangeas.


The red rose is mostly used in funerals. It conveys courage, love and respect as well as sophistication and class. It creates beauty for the flower arrangements used in funeral or memorial services.

Some choose red since they have personal associations compared to other colors as it is believed to encourage confidence, heighten energy levels, and give a feeling of protection from anxiety and fear. These traits may prove advantageous in funeral settings as when the mourners feel encouraged to share stories of the deceased, making it more like a celebration of the life of the deceased rather than focusing on the somber occasion per se. Red especially helps maintain focus and draws attention. These are basically important on a somber occasion such as a funeral.  We are here to help you at all times.  Contact us so that we can guide you through the process of choosing the right arrangements and casket flowers here in the Toronto/GTA area. 

Our florists create personalized designs and we have some of the most affordable arrangements available in addition.  We deliver on both Saturday and Sunday to accommodate even the most last-minute arrangements.  We specialize in rush-delivery and can have an order ready in 2 hours or less for delivery to any funeral home in the area.  We are also a proud member of FTD, Teleflora and 1800Flowers and are proud to be your local florist.  Call us today at 416-356-7478. 

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