Red & White Sympathy Funeral Flowers Arrangements
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There is nothing that breaks the heart quite like losing a loved one. If you have lost a loved one, whether they were a family member or friend, you are going to miss them like crazy, but it is important to realize that time is going to heal your broken heart. First thing first, whether you plan on attending the funeral or not, you may be interested in sending funeral flowers in remembrance of the one who passed away.

We deliver sympathy flowers to the family and to the funeral home, the family's home and even their offices.  We can deliver to the church, memorial center, cremation center or to the gathering location. If you need delivery services outside our local Toronto & GTA area, please call us at 1-800-747-2439!​

Red & White Sympathy Funeral Flowers Arrangements
"R.S. Kane Tribute" Funeral Flowers
Approximately 26"W x 31"H "R.S. Kane Tribute" Funeral Flowers You can show your heartfelt symp..
Blue and White Casket Spray
Small approx 21″H 28″W As shown approx21″H 32″W Deluxe approx 21″H 36″W Premium approx.21″H..
$296.99 $273.99
Blue Bow Funeral Basket
Approximately 26"W x 31"H Blue Bow Funeral Basket With this blue,red,white arrangement, you ca..
$149.99 $145.99
Bold Heart Funeral Flowers
Bold Heart Funeral Flowers Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Prem..
$216.95 $196.99
Carnation Combination Standing Spray
Small approx 36″H 28″W As shown approx 44″H 32″W Deluxe approx 50″H 36″W Premium approx.58″..
$232.00 $219.00
Carnation Spray Arrangement
$149.99 $129.99
Casket Flower Spray
Casket Flower Spray Small approx 25″H 30″W As shown approx 28″H 32″W Deluxe approx 30″H 38″..
Cherished Moments Casket Spray
Casket Flower Spray Small approx 25″H 30″W As shown approx 28″H 32″W Deluxe approx 30″H 38″..
Chrysanthemum Pillow Casket Flowers
$175.99 $164.99
Condolence Glory Arrangement
Approx. 39"H x 29"W Condolence Glory Arrangement ..
Cross Flower Standing Spray
Smaller approx.27″ As shown approx 30″ Deluxe approx.34″ Premium approx. 38″ ..
Cross Flowers For Funeral
Smaller approx.27″ As shown approx 30″ Deluxe approx.34″ Premium approx. 38″ ..
$299.99 $279.99

Red & White Funeral Flowers – Why are  They the Most Common Colors?

Sending flowers to a funeral is a tradition that started centuries ago and it is a tradition that is still going strong. The most common colors are red and white. Why?

Let’s Look at the Meaning behind Red and White Funeral Flowers.

It is common to find a white rose at a funeral. The white rose symbolizes purity, innocent love and worthiness.  The white rose is a symbol of remembrance and represents heavenliness. It is an expression of respect and spiritual love. Many white flowers stand for some combination of innocence and sweetness, but it all depends on the type of flower.

Camellia – When you are given a white Camellia, it means that the individual who gave it to you thinks you are adorable.

White Chrysanthemum – A white Chrysanthemum is a symbol of truth.

White Heather – A white Heather is a symbol of protection and desires.

White Carnation – A white carnation is a symbol of pure love and sweetness.

White Hyacinth – When you are given a white Hyacinth, it means the giver is praying for you.

Red Carnation – A red carnation stands for admiration.

Red Rose – A red rose is used in order to convey love, respect and courage.

How to Display the Red and White Funeral Flowers

There are a variety of techniques you can use in order to display the red and white funeral flowers. The most common way would be a stand that consists of carnations, roses and lilies, but there are a variety of other ways.

A Wreath – A wreath is commonly given by a close friend or family member. The wreath can consist of a variety of flowers including red and white carnations, roses, lilies and chrysanthemums.

Baskets – Have you ever heard of a “white sympathy basket?” These baskets are packed full of beautiful white flowers. However, you don’t have to stop at the color white, you could mix it with white or red or maybe even some purple and yellow.

The Most Common Flowers Used for Funerals

Choosing which type of flower to send to the funeral can be hard. Here are some of the common flowers used for funerals:

Lillies – Lillies are common at funeral services. This flower is a symbol of innocence and represents the restores soul of the individual who passed away.

Chrysanthemums – This flower is famous in Korea, Japan and parts of Europe. They represent lamentation and greif. However, when they are used in the United States, they are a symbol of truth.

Carnations – Carnations, depending on their color, are a symbol of pure love, admiration, innocence and remembrance.

Roses – As with the carnations, the symbol behind the rose also depends on the color. A white rose, for example, symbolizes youthfulness, reverence, innocence and humility, while the red rose symbolizes respect, love and courage.

When you are choosing the type of flower for the funeral, you should take the deceased individual in mind. What was their favorite flower? If their favorite flower was the white rose, then you may want to consider getting a basket full of white roses for the funeral. 

We are here to help you at all times.  Contact us so that we can guide you through the process of choosing the right arrangements and casket flowers here in the Toronto/GTA area. 

Our florists create personalized designs and we have some of the most affordable arrangements available in addition.  We deliver on both Saturday and Sunday to accommodate even the most last-minute arrangements.  We specialize in rush-delivery and can have an order ready in 2 hours or less for delivery to any funeral home in the area.  We are also a proud member of FTD, Teleflora and 1800Flowers and are proud to be your local florist.  Call us today at 416-356-7478. 

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