Green Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements
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Funeral flowers represent a message of sympathy to the bereaved and honor to the deceased. Flowers in a way give a soothing feeling to the grieving. Sentiments of the sender are also expressed through flowers. When you send flowers to the bereaved this conveys a message of support in times of their grief and in a way showing them that you are there for them. Flowers are very symbolic and they all represent a special a meaning. Sending flowers for memorial or funeral services may sometimes vary by colors depending on the arrangement preferred by the family of the deceased. This kind of arrangement makes the choice of colors for sending funeral flowers very important.

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Green Sympathy Funeral Flower Arrangements
 Roses and More Funeral Wreath
Roses and More Funeral Wreath This classical wreath always lives up to it's name! A beautiful sel..
$194.99 $174.98
A Thoughtful Tribute – Funeral Sympathy Cross
Smaller approx.27″ As shown approx 30″ Deluxe approx.34″ Premium approx. 38″   ..
$199.99 $175.99
Aglaonema Plant
Approx. size 26"W x 24"H . ..
All Green Cross Standing Spray
Smaller approx.27″ As shown approx 30″ Deluxe approx.34″ Premium approx. 38″ ..
All White Funeral Standing Spray
  All White Funeral Standing Spray  Our elegant Tribute standing spray is a grand di..
$235.99 $196.99
All White Spray Flowers
All White Spray Flowers A Beautiful Simple  White Standing Spray, it will surely express you..
$116.99 $96.99
All-White Casket Pillow
Measures approximately  12"H x 9"W   All-White Casket Pillow   Send your ..
Angelic All White Flowers Heart Wreath
  Angelic All White Flowers Heart Wreath  our talented designers to create this ..
$154.99 $149.99
Artistic Sympathy Wreath
  Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″ ..
$239.99 $198.99
Basket of Light
Basket of Llight-Teleflora Flowers Basket of Light this small handled basket overflowing with&..
$89.99 $79.99
Blue and White Heart Funeral Wreath
Smaller approx.18″ As shown approx 23″ Deluxe approx 26″ Premium approx. 32″  ..
$169.99 $149.98
Classic Tribute Basket
Approx. 30"W x 29"H Classic Tribute Basket Arrangement of white flowers including lilies, carn..
$165.99 $145.99

Green Flowers to Express Sympathy

More often than not, the colors of the flowers used in the floral arrangements are more important than the choice of flowers. Colors carry more significance compared to the flowers. Green floral arrangements are also one of the preferred arrangements often seen in memorial and funeral services. As a color associated with nature, green specifically symbolizes good health, resilience, renewal and hope. Green is also a tranquil and restful color that complements well with all blooms to make a beautiful and balanced arrangement. Green floral arrangements may come in various types such as large standing casket sprays, funeral sprays, baskets, crosses, hearts and wreaths.

Given as a sign of sympathy, green flowers signify optimism. Soothing green hues represent life’s cycle. Losing a loved one is the most difficult and saddest time of those left behind. Sending your sympathy through green flowers may in a way give comfort and ease as well as remind the bereaved that they are not alone in their grieving process and there is still room for hope and renewal. Offering your condolences to the bereaved may be expressed through sending sympathy flowers to their homes as well. Sending green bouquets is a popular gesture. Green sympathy plants are also good choices as they last for a long time compared to the flowers that wither after several weeks.

Varieties of Green Flowers Used

The green color funeral arrangement mostly uses green-colored flowers as the main element of the arrangement. Green flowers are quite versatile and can be paired with all flower varieties and colors. Green flowers are not typically common compared to other varieties and so are considered precious and interesting by many. They come in various hues of green, sizes and shapes. When used with other-colored flower, they create balance to the arrangement and this makes them look more attractive. Funeral services or memorial services in a green color arrangement typically include green flowers such as Zinnia Envy, Bells of Ireland, Hellebore, and Limelight Hydrangea.

Zinnia Envy

These are a spectacular green bloom variety. They are annual flowers with blooms in bold lime green color. They can grow up to thirty inches tall and they have bright green-colored stems. They thrive in high heat to full sun and need to be planted in well-drained soil. The planting zone for Zinnia Envy flowers is three to ten.

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are annual flowers. The flowers grow up to two inches in width and have white veins. Their striking stems are straight and upright. They grow best in partial shade to full sun and just like the Zinnia Envy also need to be planted in well-drained soil. The planting zone for these flowers is four to eleven.


These are interesting evergreen flowers with blooms in pale green color. Their vibrant color remains all year round even in winter. Their blooms grow up to 2 inches. These green variety flowers are self-seeders which spread across the garden, creating a plethora of stunning plants. Hellebores are frost-tolerant, thus they thrive in outdoor temperatures and cold soil, resulting in a hardy green variety of flowers. The planting zone for hellebore is six to eleven.

Limelight Hydrangea

Limelight hydrangeas are the rapid growing variety with lime-green, summer blooming flowers. They are especially adored for their stunning green blooms. They have wide green leaves and are the versatile type of flowers as they can withstand numerous varieties of soil which even include clay soils. They thrive in partial shade to full sun as well as in well-drained, fertile soil.  The planting zone for these flowers is four to eight. We are here to help you at all times.  Contact us so that we can guide you through the process of choosing the right arrangements and casket flowers here in the Toronto/GTA area. 

Our florists create personalized designs and we have some of the most affordable arrangements available in addition.  We deliver on both Saturday and Sunday to accommodate even the most last-minute arrangements.  We specialize in rush-delivery and can have an order ready in 2 hours or less for delivery to any funeral home in the area.  We are also a proud member of FTD, Teleflora and 1800Flowers and are proud to be your local florist.  Call us today at 416-356-7478. 

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